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Diogo pediu um carrinho pro Papai Noel, daí ontem me pediu um carro de corrida "de pilha, 'piquininho', não 'picisa' ser dois, um só". Ok, um só, Noel. #2a10m #Dioguices.
Raquel Gomes

16 de dezembro de 2013

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Grammer Chech

19 de maio de 2016

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Sociological Imagination Essay

22 de janeiro de 2017

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Android Deny Permissions Without Root

1 de fevereiro de 2016

This is the XDA-Programmers Root Listing. The following, you will find root courses for much gizmos that happens to be in the XDA Online forums. Discover ways to root any Android piece of equipment! Any time you don’t watch

Solution Techniques learning to make your individual Essay Focused upon Visitors

19 de novembro de 2015

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