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21 de setembro de 2017 UK Buy Hosting Review 2017

I can not fault this company, I have been with them years and they have gone above and beyond with their support every time i have contacted them. Support tickets are answered very quickly and the live chat is amazing. Absolutely outstanding. I’ve never had an issue that they haven’t bent over backwards to solve. The support is amazing, this morning it was Yavor but I’ve worked with so many agents and all have been brilliant without exception. Don’t hesitate to use them.We joined Tsohost 2 years ago in 2015, and they were great. They successfully migrated our entire website, MySQL database and HTTPS certificate. The whole operation was smooth, and I was impressed by the quality of the support engineers. I cannot rate TSO highly enough. The support I have received at every touchpoint has been exceptional. They listen to what you are saying and respond in a language that is right for you (I needed low level, clear and simple!). Every single person has been excellent but a special shout out goes to Athanus. If ever I build a website again I will definitely use TSO and I would recommend them to all of my clients. This may seem slightly OTT, it isn’t, I am currently dealing with Dropbox ‘support’ and the disparity is stark!

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